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Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of over thirty people with different backgrounds and lifestyles. The one major common denominator shared, is our love for animals. Some are balancing families at home, while others are going to school in their off time. What remains constant, is the need to help pets and the families that love them. This is sometimes a trying task, while all stories do not have happy endings, but knowing that everyday we are able to aid those in need, helps us maintain that focus and strive to make a difference. Each staff member plays a vital part in this, whether they are a technician taking x-rays, drawing blood, administering medications; a kennel tech feeding our patients, changing bedding, walking the dogs; or a receptionist checking in appointments, answering phone calls, or soothing a distraught client. We must all work together towards our common goal, especially in the busiest of times. Despite those busy, sometimes difficult days, our staff works hard and enjoys the work.

Staff Members:

Lesley Applegarth-Office Manager Leslie Powell-Lead Receptionist
Anna Moore-Office Manager Brittany Sampson- Receptionist
Lauren Potter-Lead Veterinary Technician Allison Bartek-Receptionist
Tiffany Sedgmer-Veterinary Technician, RVT Paige Bolding- Receptionist
Lacey DeWees-Veterinary Technician, RVT Kristina Duskey-Receptionist
LeeAnna Thompson-Veterinary Technician Gianna DeFelice-Receptionist/Tech
Courtney Wilson-Veterinary Technician Becca Bulger-Receptionist
Adriane Conner-Veterinary Technician Joy Murphy-Kennel Supervisor
Michelle Pavlic- Veterinary Technician Amanda Willis- Kennel Tech
Feliciti Thompson-Veterinary Technician Ardie Knuth-Kennel Tech
Denny Richardson- Veterinary Technician Marshall Fish-Kennel Tech
Ellie Johnen- Veterinary Technician Keara Handte-Kennel Tech
Haylee Carpenter-Veterinary Technician, RVT Ben Norman-Kennel Tech
Clay Moore-Veterinary Technician Emily Dague- Kennel Tech
Ashley Hill-Veterinary Technician Delaney Steele-Kennel Tech
Michael Banovsky-Veterinary Technician, RVT DeAndre Claring- Kennel Tech